Refurbish and Repair

GE Solution is the official representative of Gruppo FOS in Albania.  


Refurbishment capabilities:


o Testing for functionality and defects 

o Cleaning

o Packaging 

o Accessory supplement 


Repair Center’s capabilities: 


• TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Core network (fixed, mobile), Transport network(wireline and wireless, electrical and optical), Access network (wireline and wireless), and Customer Premises Equipment 


o Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
- Modem (Cable modem and wireless) 

- Home router
- Various PC’s 


o Core network: 

- BSC 

- RNC 

- etc.


o Transport network:
- Wireline: SDH, WDM, GigaEthernet, etc. 

- Wireless: Microwave (e.g. ALU LSY9600) 


o Access network (wireline e wireless):
- Wireline: DSLAM, PDH Muxes, etc.
- Wireless: Radio Base Station (e.g. Ericsson KDU) 


• NON-TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Power, IT(Workstations), Touch-devices. 



Repair center